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Solo Channel Crossing Rules
  Rules ?

 The following info is provided for your consideration:
 1. You will need an escort boat, and a support person on board to give you aid and information during the swim. Boats cost about $450 - $500.

 2. Rules are simple: swim from shore to shore, start on land with no body of water behind, and end on land with no body of water beyond.

no swim aids other than goggles, no flotation device or propulsive assistance.

 3. This means you cannot touch the boat or anything attached to the boat during the swim. You cannot start on a jetty or end on a jetty. We usually take aid in a bag thrown overboard, we'll eat and drink something on our own, then throw the bag back onto the boat.
 4. For certification, provide a written document that certifies the items in #2 above, signed by a 3rd party on the boat (usually the support person), indicate the date, start time and end time, the start location and the end location, boat name and skipper name.
 5. There is no organized crossing, you're generally on you own. For the last 3 years, Ian Emberson has been having a solo division as part of his Maui Channel Relays, held on Saturday of Labor Day Weekend, from Lanai island to Maui island. This is the Auau Channel, and this will qualify as a channel crossing if you swim the solo division and you abide by the rules of item #2 above.
 6. As you get closer to the date and are sure you'll be making the crossing, email Carl Kawauchi
7. Finishers of Solo Division / Maui Channel Relays qualify for Auau Channel Crossing.
8. Permission is required to land on Kahoolawe or Niihau Islands.
Double Channel Crossing Rules
1.  We recently recorded our first channel double-crossing.  For a double-crossing (of the same channel) we will follow basic English Channel rules:
____a.  Step onto land and walk above high water mark,
____b.  then immediately get back into water.
____c.  Can sit or stand in water up to 10 minutes,
____d.  can accept food, drink or sunscreen from escort,
____e.  but no one can touch the swimmer.
____f.  After 10 minutes max, swimmer must resume swim back to starting island.
2.  The only other person to swim two consecutive channels was Harry Huffaker, back in 1989.  For that swim, we recorded each leg as a solo swim, without recording it as a 2-channel swim.
3.  If you do make 2-channel or 3-channel swim, and follow item 1 rules, we will consider recording as multiple-channel swim.