Keo Nakama Invitationals

Since 1946
Participants from Local, National and International Swimming
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Traditional Stories about the World Record Holder of the 1 Mile swim, first person to swim 27 miles from the Island of Molokai to Oahu, Numerous National Records & Australian Records ! Ohio State - Buckeye BIG Ten Championships in Swimming and Baseball !

Keo Nakama

May 21st: Happy Birthday to Keo Nakama!

NCAA Men's Swimming Champions
440-Yard Freestyle
- Keo Nakama, Ohio State - 4:43.2
- Keo Nakama, Ohio State - 4:47.0

1500-Meter Freestyle
- Keo Nakama, Ohio State- 19:18.6
- Keo Nakama, Ohio State- 20:02.2

Swimming Hall of Fame

Nakama, Keo - USA - 1975

Nakama, Keo (1975) Swimmer, USA

  • Pan American Swimming Championships: 1940 (5 gold medals)
  • Australian Nationals: 1939 (5 titles: all freestyle events, 330 yd individual medley)
  • United States Nationals: 27 titles: (110yd to 1500m)
  • World Records: extended from mile at New Haven at age 22 to 27-mile Molokai Channel at age 41.