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_____Evelyn Kawamoto - Konno raised a family (two daughters) and became an educator (teacher)

_____A year after attending McKinley High School (Honolulu, Hawaii), Evelyn placed 3rd in 400m Freestyle and 3rd in 400 Free Relay - 1952 Olympics, Helsinki, Finland. At the games, Evelyn received a wire telegram from her mother: Do your best for your family name. The telegram was taken to heart, and Evelyn excelled in her event. From the preliminaries, Evelyn moved up to the Final heat.

_____Unbelievably, the U.S. officials pulled straws for the lane assignment. An outside lane was drawn. At a disadvantage from the backwash, Evelyn kept her pace and placed 3rd in the 400m Freestyle. The only American Women to come home with an individual medal. The other medal was achieved with the 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay.

_____Still ranked in the top for women's 400 freestyle! Evelyn became the National A.A.U. Champion in the 300 Individual Medley and the 200 Breaststroke at the Nationals and the 400 meter freestyle

_____Started at 9 years old with the City Parks and Recreation program. Was introduced to Coach Sakamoto. Taken in small steps, long hours of training. The long term objectives were swimming at the local swimming meets, which were stepping stones to the National meets and then to the Olympic Games.

100m. Breaststroke Hawaiian Record 1:24.2 1950
200m. Breaststroke Hawaiian Record 3:03.0 1950
400m Freestyle American Record 5:14.14 1952
400m Freestyle Hawaiian Record 5:14.4 1952
300m I.M. American Record 4:27.50 1949
300m I.M. Hawaiian Record 4:27.5 1949
200m Breaststroke Outdoor National Champion   *1950, 1951
300m I.M. Outdoor National Champion   1949, 1950, 1951
400m Freestyle Outdoor National Champion   1951
800m Freestyle Relay American Team   1949, 1950, 1951
 * Please note: Evelyn tied for 1st place with Marjorie Hilton. First tie award in swimming history due to judges decision. Judges to the right and left at finals could not come to one winner decision despite much deliberation. A unique medal was made due to results: 1/2 gold and 1/2 silver soldered together.

A message from Coach Sakamoto:

To Eve(lyn),

It was a wonderful meet and a well earned victory for us.

It was the team work of everyone, and you were an important part in it.

We have learned a lot and we must make use of every knowledge wisely.

Our goal is still to be achieved, and this national meet success is only a stepping stone to it.

I sincerely hope that you will not forget your real objective, and strive on and on despite difficulties, sacrifice and hardship to obtain it.

You will not regret, you will not sorrow over what you have done for what you will earn so dearly,

Coach Sakamoto

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