A letter from Coach Sakamoto to the swimmers of Hawaii Swimming Club - 1981

My Sincere Aloha and Message to you

My warm and sincere "well done", and congratulations to you and the team for the fine and outstanding successes of the past 1981 - 1982 swimming season !

You will well remember the club's slogan: "One for all, and all for one !" You have worked and sacrificed a lot with the help of your parents, your coaches, your supporters and team-mates to make this a reality !

You have added much to yourself in your growth, wisdom, swimming, new found friends, experiences, awareness and personal relationships during the past year and these should serve you well for greater attainments in the 1982 - 1983 season.

Remember always to aspire to greatness; think great, and give no quarters to being just ordinary; show this in your quality work, your sincerity, dedication your loyalty to your God, parents, your coaches, your teammates, team and club. Hawaii S.C. and personal care of your health, habits and time !

Be a good listener always, and do exactly according to all instructions and what you are told to do; this is the soul and "key to success!"

From the bottom of my heart,

Coach Sakamoto

September 24, 1982

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