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Hawaii Swimming Club-Maui

Head Coach of All Hawaii Swimming Club is Mr. R.Yamamoto. Coach Yamamoto has trained as an athlete for Coach Soichi Sakamoto. Reid has moved thru the ranks of age group swimmers to college swimming.

Reid, to date, is the only HSC swimmer to receive a gold medal in the Pacific Zone championships for 100 Fly. During his senior year in high school, Reid achieved his Jr. National time and swam in Oregon. While attending the University of Hawaii, Reid was selected as Team Captain and earned the "Coach Sakamoto" trophy for Achievement and Leadership.

Training is usually 4:45 PM - 6:30 PM.

Morning training varies.

Locations is the Wailuku, War Memorial Pool.

Approx. 45 swimmers. Other Coaches at the Maui War Memorial Pool is Coach Hayashi. Coach Hayashi writes about Hawaii Swimming Club - Maui