The Hawaiian Channels

Open Water Marathon Swimming

 Kaiwi Channel
Molokai to Oahu: 26 miles
Auau Channel
Lanai to Maui (8.8 miles)
Kalohi Channel
Lanai to Molokai(9.3 miles)

3 Channels in 3 days

Double Auau Channel
Alalakeiki Channel
Kahoolawe to Maui (7 miles)
Pailolo Channel
Maui to Molokai(8.5 Miles)
Alenuihaha Channel
Hawaii to Maui(30 miles)
Kaulakahi Channel
Kauai to Niihau(17 miles)
Kealaikahiki Channel
Kahoolawe to Lanai (17 miles)
Kaieiewaho Channel
Oahu to Kauai(72 miles)

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