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 Kaiwi Channel Auau Channel Kalohi Channel Alalakeiki Channel Pailolo Channel Alenuihaha Channel
Kaieiewaho Channel

3 Day, 3 Channel Challenge
Double Auau Channel Double Kalohi Channel   Double Pailolo Channel

Molokini to Lanai (24 miles)

Maui-Around Molokini-Maui (7 miles)


Kaulakahi Channel
(17 miles)
Kauai to Niihau
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updated: 05-23-23
2023 Matthew McGillicuddy 1st Niihau to Kauai
  Joseph Guilfoyle  
  Colby Dimsdale  
2020 Bill Goding  
  Lectie Altman  
  Stefan Reinke  
  Ryan Leong  
  Marcus Guttmann  
  Steven Minaglia  
2019 Mark Tan  
  Lynton Mortensen  
2012 Bill Goding  
  Forrest Nelson  
  Tina Neill  
2010 Quinn Carver  
2003 Linda Kaiser
1st Channel Crossing
1st Women
Laurie Foster  
Mike Spalding
Tom Robinson
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