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Kaieiewaho Channel

3 Day, 3 Channel Challenge
 Double Auau Channel  Double Kalohi Channel   Double Pailolo Channel        

Alalakeiki channel
(7 miles)
Kahoolawe to Maui
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updated: 07-14-11
2011 Chris Palfrey Kahoolawe to Maui
Penny Palfrey  
2006 Carl Kawauchi Maui to Kahoolawe
Alton Motobu  
2001 Linda Kaiser

1st Women.

1st from Maui to Kahoolawe, swam solo together

Laurie Foster
Mike Spalding
1992 Carl Kawauchi  1st Crossing
Ulrich Klinke
Alton Motobu
1977 Bill Lawrence Uncertified channel crossing.
Solomon Fernandez
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